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Creaton ExabyteSoft DevSence - Modul-Codec - Download
 Last update: DevSence.zip 26.3.20 - Cint4 Support

 TechDev.NuanceGeonom Robots: Flushing: DeVsenCe Int3 / Beta available on Devsence 27.12.20 Update

 Run Type: WebDev Creaton / actualized DevSence Modular-Enablity, for now we don't test all the settings stable runat security! We actualize this later
 Size: 50MB
 Category: Exabytesoft Orginal Software - Modullar
 Why this software: Creaton Create High Quality Modules For Exabytesoft Systems
 Download Creaton DevSence - Standalone

 Did you know, you can create Modules and Views: New Image Archiv - First Testresults

New Update: 26.3.20
ComnV 17 and other Module Settings Available
 Creaton Update 26.3.2020 / update no2 Contains very new ComnV17 on NuanceGeonom basis

 Contains New Container Technology and Refuse optimized prefs.

 DevSence Creaton Moduls for exabytesoft systems.

 This is an very special regulated update, spend to Creaton(TM) DevSence Orginal Modular. Creaton was owned by DevSence on second half-2019.
 Download Creaton DevSence - Standalone

Devsence Update available

 New Update Contains cint4 (int4) int3 support. Coming soon we able this feature to exabytesoft Main Systems